Did you do what the FED told you to do? WAIT to Buy a Home?

Are you doing what the FED wants you to do right now? If you've put your home buying plans on hold then YES YOU ARE.


  • The FED has promised they will continue raising interest rates until the economy slows down, meaning they have told & made you slow down on your spending.


  • Are prices dropping? YES (If you have to SELL in order to buy - don’t stop reading here & start panicking, we have something for you below)


  • Are Interest rates higher than Pandemic numbers? YES


  • Is that a good thing? Actually YES, you thought I was going to say no, didn’t you?!


  • Are Interest rates skyrocketing?! NO! We're not even to average interest rates yet for a 30yr review period


  • Key factor to realize? Interest Rates are not on sale anymore. Money CANNOT be free, the economy cannot be left to skyrocket, just look at the increase in grocery prices & tell me you enjoy that…


  • Do the MEDIA get paid to scare you into confusion as to whether or not now is a good time to buy/sell? YUP because views equal income to keep them in business.


  • Does the FED want you to stop spending money & buying houses? YUP. That's why they have promised to keep raising the interest rates. Money cannot be free, our economy is not set up to work that way.


  • Do you know.... the more the Media scares the average person into confusion, not spending, not buying or selling....the LESS COMPETITION you have as a serious Buyer?


  • Did you also know... the more the rates rise, the lower home prices go and this is NOT A GOOD THING for you as a homebuyer? WHY NOT? Because, financially speaking, it's a terrible time to utilize other peoples money aka Mortgages....because the MONEY costs you MORE THAN THE HOUSE long term. That's why I cringe when I hear someone say, "I'm going to wait until prices drop!" because that tells me they are not making a good financial long term decision for their family & wealth. That decision is going to cost them more in the long run than buying with a higher price tag on the home while the MONEY is cheaper to utilize & leverage.


Don't make yourself pay more by waiting until Money is more expensive.....


Real Estate is Cyclical ... what goes up must come down. Supply creates Demand.


When prices drop, unsavvy Buyers Buy & utilize higher rate mortgages, which creates more demand... which in turn INCREASES home values....which, the SAVVY BUYER who bought when rates were still below average & low (aka now) now takes advantage of with a gain in equity that they can utilize if they choose to later on (think ‘refinance’ when rates do another dip, let the free home equity that the “I’m going to wait until rates/prices drop” buyers created for you… pay for the refinance so it doesn't cost you a penny to get a cheaper rate)


Let me say this part again... Real Estate is a Cycle - meaning CIRCLE, what goes around comes around, you just have to decide whether you want to be on the up or on the down....or are you going to wait the 4 yrs (as an example) for rates to drop to Pandemic levels...then wait another 4 yrs for values to recover again & be back in the same market...so you're going to not move for 8 yrs.... (the last time the Market did that & Sellers/Buyers said they'd wait it was almost 20 yrs before we found ourselves in the same Market.... food for thought)


We believe, looking at all the historical data & Cycles that now is a GREAT TIME TO BUY… AND we’ve also seen it in action with many happy Clients who trusted us & found the Perfect Home for them & their families while COMPETITION IS LOW!


So if you did NOT enjoy the Multiple Offers, no Seller Concessions, No Repairs, Offer Deadlines, Rushing like crazy to see a home before it sold in 10 minutes Market of the past 2 years - NOW IS YOUR TIME. Call our Team today to line out the Perfect Plan for you…& if you have NOT seen homes you like on the Market recently READ ON… we have the perfect solution for you! It’s called our Perfect Home Finder, a program we run as a bonus for being one of our awesome clients, at 100% our cost and 0% Obligation to you! Win win while finding the Perfect Home for you & your family. Ask us about it today… 817-242-6200 (You can also see a short video about it here - no obligation: CLICK HERE


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Resources to check out Historical Interest Rates: CLICK HERE

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